Monday, December 29, 2008

spending my christmas vacation

People think that once it is a christmas holiday, one should spent his time with family, friends, relatives or traveling outside his city or home. But for me I spent it at home, I did some home repairing like the electricals, lavatories, sinks, preventing the attack of termites, etc. I did also some personal repairing with my in-laws also who has been looking for me for quite some time. I gave them pasalobong christmas gifts to make them happy. On the 25th, I went to my little farm alone to make some reflections, and to realize that life is so short and fast moving, that I almost forgot that Im already 50 yrs., old. I beleive I have to do it again this new year.

You also please share what you did last christmas, hear u. . .

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Dec. 25

Today December 24, is a busy day for me, being a father of a family of 7 children i need to prepare for the noche buena. First, we have to attend the early mass at 9:00pm in our church. We have decided to have a simply Christmas celeb due to financial problem. Although I just received my P10 tau additional bonus, I have to set aside for the New Year and the coming opening of classes. My 10 tau is divided in 3 parts, 3 tau for the noche buena to buy the following
2 cake P550.00
3 bots of coke 75.00
2 bots of red wine 400.00
2 boo manok 350.00
1 gal. ice cream 450.00
reserve prizes for parlor
games 500.00
regalo for in laws 1000.00
With the 3 tau for the noche buena, I believe we will be happy together. Christmas celebration is that being together as one family. I have to plan for the new year with the 3 tau again, save 4 tau for the opening of classes this January 4, God Bless and Merri Christmas to all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lotto winning numbers 6/45 12/17

Yesterday, i published in my blog that i bet in the lotto of 6/45 draw, unluckily i did not win, this morning early patad nasad ko sa lotto with the 6/49 draw. and this are my numbers 01-10-11-33-41-46. I hope the PCSO machine pick this number because I wish to become a millionnaire. My contension is you bet to win. If you bet you have the chance of 50/50, if you dont that is 100% no chance. I always have that mixed feelings of winning, that is why i try to bet and someday win the lotto. Congrats to me. . .

pcso lottery

Everyday, I always bet lotto either 6/42, 6/45, or 6/49, my contention is to win that jackpot prize of millions of pesos. I also tried the 4 digit draw and i won once of P10,000.00. Today, December 17, 2008 i bet the 6/45 lotto and this are my to be winning numbers. 05-06-10-20-21-30 . Last Monday the jackpot was hit by 1 from Silay City. How lucky was that pinoy to win the 100M plus jackpot. I pray that tonight I will win the jackpot, and so with others who bet the 6/45 draw. I like the lotto because it is very fair, as you can see the draw from the TV sets and being witnessed/ observed by individuals of integrity like the representative from the Commission on Audit and the PCSO. thank you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas bonus

This month will receive additional bonus of P10,000, the amount is enough for our christmas party. the government will give additi0nal P10,000 taken from savings. Our office may be has no savings, just dont know. Hope will have. I plan to buy one (l) lechon for the noche buena. My wife will cook for the night celeb.

There was a query regarding this P10,000 add bonus, is it given to all gov. employees. depending on savings. The 7 tau comes from the DBM while the 3 tau comes from savings.
Please log at my web for more info please. carlos ideas. thank you

Christmas party

Our Christmas party will be on December 19, 2008. It will be held in one of our office mates' house. We will bring our best self, food, drinks etc. Some said they will bring wine, red wine, and dance instructors to teach us how to dance that chacha, tango, etc. I was ask to bring singalong CDs for videoke. I like to sing Platters, tom jones, bisayan like matud nila, matud mo, usahay, samtang ako may kinabuhi pa, carmela, dolor, modelong charing, olivia, etc. daghan pa. Surely dala gyud ko ana. The party will start at 3:00pm til 9:00pm. My friends are Bobby, Ben,
caloy2, Boyax, bebot all from our cluster. thanks see u nalang sa Christmas party. caloy my friend.