Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on inspection tour at Maragusan, COMVAL

Tomorrow, i may have that chance of going back to one of the most beautiful place in Compostela Valley, the Municipality of Maragusan, a small town located in easternside of the Province, where hot and cold springs like the Aguacan Resort, and the Tagbibinta falls are found. The Municipality is more or less 50 kilometers from the Provincial Capitol in Nabunturan. There is where you can find the Maragusan National High School, a government school that is conducive to learning and have made many professionals. People in Maragusan are peace-loving, God fearing, and Hardworking. At present, the people are engaged in planting bananas for export, as one of the primary produce and source of income. Please come and visit Maragusan, in Compostela Valley, I like the place.. . am sure you"ll like it too. thank you. .

Monday, June 22, 2009

debt management in time of crisis

The otherday I wrote regarding my being hospitlized and undergone operation due to Lipoma below my ear or near my nick, that was an experienced for the first time that can"t be taken for granted. Me, being a lowly employee is being tied to some kind of cash strap or financially imbalanced needing some extra cash for unexpected events, aware of the present financial economic condition, going to hospital is the most unfortunate event in our daily undertakings, most tiring, time consuming and money exhausting. Fortunately, I have my GSIS, a government owned corporation catering insurance to government employees, that gives its members a consolidated loan-salary. I am also a member of a employees cooperative that gives also consolidated loans, these loans help a lot during my hospitalization. I was informed also of another opportunity like debt consolidation, many different name loans, consolidated into one loan -visit Http://www.3debtconsolidation.com/ like Credit Cards which the most are engaging. I dont have yet that kind of thing, I am interested to have. Having debts made me worry, that I may not be able to pay, that is why I am not in yet in Credit Cards. I was then a constant borrower of GSIS, like salary loan, policy , emergency and calamity loans and many kinds of loans, in order to cope with the present times until this loan consolidation was introduced. Thank you for this opportunity, this help me and my family a lot.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First time hospitalized

Pardon for not writing you for quite sometime, it is because i was hospitalized I had a lipoma removed from my nick. It was quite an experience, it was my first time. Sometime in 1996, I observed that a thing is growing in my nick below my ear, it was a small one, I didn"t bother to have it checked by the doctor because as if it was only a pimple , then i forgot about it. Lately, my friends had observed the "bukol" which I used to be covered by my collar. It was not really painful, but nahihiya na po ako dahil doon sa bukol. Ito ay lumalaki ng lumaki. That "bukol" made me shy of myself, I dont like to be with my friends, until my boss had observed my behaviour, I cannot do otherwise but to tell my boss about the situation the "bukol on my nick". She advised me to have that bukol removed or to undergo operation "Magpa-opera" Ako po ay takot sa dugo at karayum at sa operation, yon ang dahilan na ayaw kong magpaospital. But they convinced me to have it removed. So I gave-up, On May 12, I decided t0 go the doctor I had that bukol removed. On the night of May 11, I was advised not to take anything, food and water until the operation is finished. Early in the morning of 12th of May, I and my wife went to the Hospital. Davao Medical Center in Davao City. The doctor had already arranged for the operation, after some applications of hospital procedures, as early as 8 in the morning, the bukol was removed. The operation was very successful, it didnt take 3 hours and after that I was told to go home. Thanks to my doctor- Dr. Walter Batucan, now am recuperating and ok na. Praise the Lord. Am back to work again after a leave of absence. Thank you also to my boss, Madam Lyds for understanding me. thank you to all the prayers of my officemates.