Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Text Joke 1

Doctor to Mental Patient: Maayo kay gi salvar nimo imo kauban nga nalumos sa pool
pero sayang kay nagbigti sa CR.

Patient: Wala doc. uy, ako to siya gibitay para mauga. Joke lang.....


French foreign minister(FM) visited Phil., the chief executive (CE) toured him in Manila,

FM: I see lot of people urinating in the streets, in France we put them in jail.
CE : was embarrased.

During CE visit in France she was toured by the same minister, as they pass along arch
de triomphe...

CE: U see that? Some one is urinating at the arc! You said you send them to jail?
FM: That one is exempted he's the Philippine Ambassador! Joke lang... Pinoy pud ko uy.
lesson: They should provide CR on parks and roads, like the Phils.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Joke in text

1. Gud di, 2days weather forecast:

Sunny f u smile; Clear f u r hapi; cloudy f u r sad; Stormy f u sing! O please don't sing, just be hapi!

2. Parable of the Pig and the Cow:
The pig was unpopular, while the cow was beloved. This puzzled the pig;

Pig: People speak warmly of your gentle nature and your sorrowful eyes. They think you're
generous because each day you give them milk and cream, but what about me? I
give them everything I have, I give bacon, ham... I give my all. The cow replied,
its not realy what you give when you're dead that matters, its about what you when
you're still alive.

compiled by: carlos I

Monday, December 3, 2007

Reports of Accountable Officers

To All NHS Bookkeepers and Disbursing Officers;

You are reminded to submit your monthly reports on time, not later than the 18th day of the succeeding month, viz:
1. Check Disbursement Records;
2. Monthly Reports of Accountable forms;
3. Bank Reconciliation Statements with paid checks and bank statements;
4. Report of disbursements for Disbursing officers;
5. Check Disbursements Journals
6. Paid Vouchers and supporting documents;
7. Report of collections and deposits with Official Receipts and Deposit slips;

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Front page Phil. Daily Inquirer Nov. 21, 2007

GMA, only woman Asean Leader. Only in the Philippines. so strong a woman who was able to scape impeachment 2 times, and proud to be one of the ten leader in Asea. Keep up the good work Madam, we are behind you.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Data Doctor Website Monitor

Data Doctor Website Monitor | 1,22 MB

Website Monitoring Tool keeps close and constant watch over your website and web-based applications performance in real time. The monitoring tool checks and monitor uptime, ping status and downtime notification of web sites with support to HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP internet server protocols. Software alerts with an email or beeps a sound or runs a specific program when your website is down or becomes inaccessible or responds excessively slow, due to various error including Host not Found, Server Not Found, Connection Failed, Low Bandwidth, Low Connectivity Network Status etc. The Software easily manages all your web servers and websites ensuring that customers and visitors have access to your site at every single instant.

HttpWatch Professional 5.1.23

HttpWatch Professional 5.1.23 | 7,66 MB

HttpWatch is an HTTP viewer and debugger that integrates with Internet Explorer to provide seamless HTTP and HTTPS monitoring without leaving the browser window.


* A plug-in HTTP Viewer for Internet Explorer 6 & 7.
* See headers, cookies, caching and POST data
* Detailed information about HTTPS, compression, redirection & chunked encoding
* Real-time page and request level time charts
* Your users and customers can send you log files for free
* Millisecond accurate timings and network level data
* Use it in automated tests written in C#, Ruby, Javascript, ...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Request permission

Dear Fr. Rog.

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

The Rosary Group of our Parish will be having our yearly recollection this coming October 24
as part of our Rosary Month Celebration. The recollection is part of the annual activities of the group as approved earlier.

We would like to request permission and approval.

Very truly yours,


Friday, October 19, 2007


Holy Cross of Mintal Alumni Asso. has just concluded the Grand Alumni Home Coming last September 15, 2007. It is very interesting to know that the new graduates were active participants during the event. I would like to congratulate the young ones. Thank you Kids. I was once a graduate of this school. Batch 1976-77.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Impeach me

Its a number game, a popularity contest, a gambling, etc.
A plot to unseat GMA at this time may not prosper, no alternate at this time. Why not wait
till 2010 till her term finished. For me its better to move forward, with this better economy. thank you.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

shrink pic 1.41

Shrink Pic allows you to send photos from your computer using your favorite email program, instant messenger, or web browser. And it does so without the need for any effort from you - whatsoever!
Simply install Shrink Pic and that's it. Shrink Pic runs in the background and when you send photos, it will kick in and have them compressed for you. You have full control of what Shrink Pic does. You can specify the size of the photos to be sent and which photo types should be handled, but the actual compression operation is done automatically. You no longer need to make duplicates and resize them manually - Shrink Pic does that for you.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

travel of non-government personnel

One instance, private individuals or non-government personnel may reimburse their travel expenses charged against government funds when they are asked by the government as state witness or a witness in favor of the government.

barangay elections

barangay elections coming, we are to elect our barangay officials, please vote wisely.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Abalos quits Comelec (PDI Headlines)

In todays headlines of PDI, Abalos quits Comelec, in my opinion, Mr. Abalos and his family was burdened so much of that negative publicity regarding ZTE deal, that forced him to quit. A retiring government official need to clear his name, eradicate bad image and live happily ever after free from worries. I also do not agree about Mr. Abalos having love affair considering his age. Me at 50 seldoms that love affair, how much more for him to be 70 by February 2008. I donot believe.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

favorite text messages 9-26

God's plans are better than ours, that's why God doesn't always say "YES" to every word we say sometimes He says "my child allow me, I HAVE BETTER WAY"

Before you sleep, just gently lay every troubled thought away, drop your burdens and cares in the quiet arms of prayer, because God never sleeps.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

travel outside station

One teacher had asked me if he is allowed to travel outside official station to attend seminar in Manila. One of the requirements for travel is, she must have the authority to travel approved by his head of office. The travel for seminar whether personal or official must be approved by head of office. When it is official and he claims for traveling allowance, this must follow the certain provisions of travel law. For more details, please check me at 09204735133, thank you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

JDV Jr. tied to JDV Jr. III

There is reason to believe Joe Jr. not aware of JDV Jr. III doing with NBN deal. The elder JDV is doing busy business in the house? hahaha! That is why he is silent on that issue. Blood is thicker than coconut oil?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christmas is 99days to go

Christmas, time of forgiving, sharing, not the excess but what you have, show love and reconciliation. 99 days before Christmas, every day there should be in you a change of heart,