Monday, August 3, 2009

"Icon of Democracy"

On August 1, 2009 at 3:18 am, the then President of the Philippines, Madam Cory Aquino met her creator, They call her an "icon of democracy". I believed she is now beside the Lord Jesus, She is a good person. Every good person has a reserve place in heaven. I saw her bravery during the campaign in l986. How she braved the rain, the heat of the sun and the threat to her life when she made visits in the provinces. The country that time was in quandary. I attended in one of her campaign rallies for the presidential election. I was standing on top of the concrete bench I saw the crowd moving like tidal waves eager to see her, I did not move so as not to be stepped upon by the crowd, they shouted Cory, Cory, Cory, I too shouted, waving the yellow banner, I saw madam Cory at the stage waving her hands to the people, after a while the situation calm down. She started her speeches about the Martial rule, and many more and what had happened to our country, she was wearing yellow T-shirt at that time. The Cory magic was there, the place is filled with joy and happiness, I was 28 years old then. I can see how Madam Cory being loved by the people of Davao City, she won the elections here, the hardship and pain she went just to restore freedom. Then, our freedom is restored. To Madam Cory, thank you very much, I can never forget.