Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Assumption to Office of New Supervising Auditors

This morning I witnessed the assumption to office of our Supervising Auditor in COMVAL Province in the person of Madam Dina Novelero, State Auditor V, by virtue of an Office Order issued by the Chairman of the Commission on Audit(www.coa.gov.ph). The Provincial Government of COMVAL warmly welcome her. She was introduced by no other than our Regional Director Rasol L. Mitmug, and witnessed by the Auditors of COMVAL and capitol employees and from the Regional Office. After some chikachika, the group proceeded to other offices of the capitol and ended-up with a dinner at the new Office of the Provincial Auditor. Fruits like durian, lansones, etc. and dinner were served It was fun and enjoyable with our fellow auditors exchanging pleasantries/jokes, etc. We were excited to hear some updates regarding the reshuffling, but there was none yet, except for some whispered statusquo. but I am pretty sure of movements of Auditors, considering the reinstitution of pre-audit comes August 1.

This July 31, will be the election of regional officers of the Philgasea, and organization of government auditors, I am running for Vice President, please help, thank you. Do you the visayan song titled "ALIMUKOY"? please send or post comments. thank you again friend.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Attending seminar/orientation on pre-audit

Last July 2, 2009 was the orientation seminar on pre-audit at the COA Regional Office No. XI with people from Central Office as the Key Speakers. It was a successful and interesting subject/undertaking considering the subject COA Circular No. 2009-002 and its amendments, (http://www.coa.gov.ph/) the restoration of pre-audit of transactions before payment is made, on a selective basis . It was no other than Sir Jimmy, Asst. Com. who delivered/impart his expertise on the subject, there was no untoward or violent reactions during the open forum. It seems that everybody was smiling til the end of the session. However, I also observed that some are lonely and felt stress because of the impending reshuffling of Auditors, they kept on thinking of their future assignments. We were expecting some kind of big announcements, but there was little. Movement of Auditors has been the subject of talks on various COA corners since the early months of 2009. There are rumors that Office Orders will be released very soon. They said, pre-audit will take effect next month. Well, we"ll just wait and see what comes first, let us do our job well as expected. There is no backing-out now. Do you the title of these songlines ... Hapiness is what I long for, loneliness is why i cried. . . When somebody leaves you. . .

I have promised my friend Rosamar that I will write my ideas, something regarding the seminar. Here it is Rose my Carlos ideas lang ha. . .. Thank you friend for reading, til next... Please give the title of the song.