Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mass layoff

Sorry again for not writing for quite sometime due to my busy schedule. Now, I cant help but write my ideas and feeling regarding the impending mass layoff of stateworkers affected by this rationallization plan. Many are having mass actions against that plan, yes it is very true many will be dislocated, or loss jobs, when many loss their jobs, ultimately will loss food to eat at the table, and maybe die of hunger, children cant go to school. That is the negative side or effect of lossing one's work, but let us think of the positive side. If one lost his job, he/she can have more time with his/her family, start with the family business, start cultivating backyards/farm, planting rootcrops, banana, etc. Actually having a business is better than working in the government , receiving 6 dollars a day. Life does not end here, going out maybe you will find better than what you are now having. I believed what is important is, one is happy in all he does, and to be happy is to have that strong faith in GOD. Do you know the song "Ang Mga Langgam?" The song goes like this:


This is an inspirational song, it narrates a life of a bird, the bird kept on flying, it was fed by GOD with out fading, how much us, we are humans, so do not be afraid my brother, GOD is always in us. Amen. Thank you again for reading my blog. . . bye bye. . .Please give your comment. .friend

Monday, February 16, 2009

Zenni Optical

Yes, it is true, as they claimed "Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! ", that Zenni Optical was mentioned in New York Times. The article was entitled "Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank". It was re-iterated that Zenni Optical sells the cheapest pair of backup glasses. For me, if you want prescription eyeglasses for only $8, you need to visit this wonderful website immediately. This image below is just a sample of their product.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Multi-talented artist

Dear Friend,
Good day! I have not written something on my blog for days, becuae out net was disconnected, I was not able to pay the bills, so sorry friend, but here again because I miss you already. While am not busy with the computer I watch TV and came accross this Hiphop star Cheryse Nicol Pickens-nickname Chey, her passion for music and years of struggle have created her to become dynamic rapper/ a singer/writer and multi talented artist of our time. Che, Keep it up, you are adorable.
On the other hand, in the national broadheets of today, I like to read one of the head lines "Ex-led Zeppelin singer cops 5 Grammy Awards" where in Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is a recepient of "whole lot love" at the Grammy Awards winnig five prizes. I like to see people specially receiving awards of thier talents, a GOD given. It is not easy to capture that prestigious award, it is the fruit of hard labor, so again, like, Chey of Hiphop, congratulations Robert. Until then friends, dito lang muna. . . . bye bye, thank you for reading and your comments. . . For more information on Cheryse Nicol Pickens please visit at

Monday, February 2, 2009

An unforgettable experience in a health Spa

Dear Friend:
Sometime in 2003, I had that unforgettable experience in a health spa, because that was my first time. My friend invited me to join with him in a spa for relaxation, he said, pare, sama tayo pamasahi (Massage) dyan sa malapit. So because I could not refuse my friend and out of eagerness, I joined with him. Upon reaching the spa place, beautiful attendants met us and convience us to avail spa/services they offered. Whole body, hand, foot spa, etc. Because that was our purpose, we went to the counter and pay the corresponding fee, I dont know how much, so were given a receipt, and directed to a small room, we were asked to remove our clothes and we were given towels, our clothes were place inside a locker. the lady attendant guided us to another room, very warm room, we wore brief/ or short pants, it was very hot that we sweat and sweat. We just seat there and waited for our sweats to go out of the body, as if all our body fluids drain. We stayed in the room for almost an hour until I said "hindi ko na kaya pare" and then we took a bath in the bathroom in another room. I felt very refreshing, and relaxing. After some minutes, we proceeded to another room, the massage parlor. I saw people beeing massage by lady attendants. I asked to be massage, the attendant asked me, oil, powder, or rubbing alcohol etc., I told her alcohol. She asked me to laydown in bed and she started to massage me, wow my bones were cracking, breaking, very nice that I almost fell a sleep, I asked her, is this health spa? She replied, this is one of the services they offered as a heath spa. Wala akong alam sa ganoon. We paid again after the massage, and we went home. " Wow pare first time ko" and that was also the last. Hindi na ako naka pasok again. that was my unforgettable experience in health spa. Friend, until then, my friend invited me now to join with him in spa, so I'll cut short my story, because this is my second time to be in a spa. bye, bye. . . .