Monday, February 9, 2009

Multi-talented artist

Dear Friend,
Good day! I have not written something on my blog for days, becuae out net was disconnected, I was not able to pay the bills, so sorry friend, but here again because I miss you already. While am not busy with the computer I watch TV and came accross this Hiphop star Cheryse Nicol Pickens-nickname Chey, her passion for music and years of struggle have created her to become dynamic rapper/ a singer/writer and multi talented artist of our time. Che, Keep it up, you are adorable.
On the other hand, in the national broadheets of today, I like to read one of the head lines "Ex-led Zeppelin singer cops 5 Grammy Awards" where in Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is a recepient of "whole lot love" at the Grammy Awards winnig five prizes. I like to see people specially receiving awards of thier talents, a GOD given. It is not easy to capture that prestigious award, it is the fruit of hard labor, so again, like, Chey of Hiphop, congratulations Robert. Until then friends, dito lang muna. . . . bye bye, thank you for reading and your comments. . . For more information on Cheryse Nicol Pickens please visit at

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