Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sporting, stylish and yet affordable

Dear Friends,
I just read from a national news paper on "Sports" an article about New Mazda BT-50 with a notation "You dont just drive one, you play with one. . . Thats the feeling of Zoom-Zoom, the pick-up wit a soul of a sports car is waiting to play with you. You can select the 4x2 Sports Package that comes with a free bedliner and styling bar. With its Common Rail Direct Injuection diesel engine and car-like confort, the new Mazda BT-50 is quite possibly the best drive that you will ever have in a pick-up". This is the banner propaganda of the Mazda BT 50 newest edition car. I cant help but navigate into one of the oldest car in the US, the "". Ford automobile-Mustang is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, it was designed and begun production in Dearborn-Michigan in the early 1964. It was then intorduced in an exhibit to the public during the same year after its initial production in New York Worlds Fair. It got its name thru a suggestion by a World War II P-51 Mustang Fighter Plane fan like John Najjar. It is sports car-like sedans with long hoods and short rear decks. Mustang is the only pony car that has remained in production after decades of revision, renovations and development. The first generation mustang was built in 1964 to 1973 until the fifteen years later it pproduced the 5th generation from 2005 to 2009. It is good to know a little of the history of Mustang by Ford, the pillar of American automobile, the car that is affordable yet sporting design and style. For more information, Please visit at
Thank you friends for reading my research that is maybe useful for students and professional alike. . . see u then. . .

Like a Distance program of St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Dear Friend:
Last week, I posted in this blog regarding a child named Carmel who met an accident 9 years ago, and how the accident changed the life of a child. She is supposed to be a lady by this time but unluckily not. I made some surfing in the net and I came across this school, "The St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants". Bigger possibilities of earning education or a Certificate of Health Care Career without going to school, or entering school campus, meeting your professor thru the net. This encourage me to write the good idea offered by St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants into my blog considering my age and work ( 5 days a week, 8 hours a day at the office) Enrolling this program would help me realize my dream of helping people in sick bed old and young alike, to my fellow filipinos specially the child Carmel, who I believe is really in dire need of help. All I need is a computer and an internet server and enroll at this school. I was also informed that St. Augustine School has also an on-line libraries which I can make research. You retrieve and answer assignments thru the net any where at your convenient time. You can also make chika to your professsor for any problem. I like the program and maybe I can also encourage my children to avail of the opportunity offered by the school. This program is like the ALS of the Government - DepED maybe.
Friend, there are many opportunities to help our fellow but some do not take time to share what they have that could help. Many are suffering from the pain, realizing that of being abandoned specially in times of crisis. What I can say friend today, is we have to seek GOD in our midst. Extending our hand to others, so that the abandoned would see the presence of GOD in us.
Friend, thank you again for reading my blog. . . I know GOD is in us al the time when we do good to our fellow. . . Bye, bye muna friend, til next. . . Patad pako Lotto. . . .02-10-17-27-38-39 the 6/49 draw.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buying ukay-ukay is OK

Dear Friend:
This afternoon, while i am about to bet the lotto, i came across an ukay-ukay store, this ukay-ukay, in the Philippines is second hand clothes, shoes, anything second hand but still good. Ukay-ukay is sold at bargain prices yet these are imported products. Shortpants like maong, khaki, is sold at P20.00 to P30.00, bed covers family size at P180 to 400.00 depending on the aged and appearance and textures. Many are interested to buy ukay-ukay because these are still good. I saw also ukay-ukay appliances like TVs, stereo cassettes, washing machines, refs, etc. To tell you my TV set at home is ukay-ukay. I bought it at P1,800 yet, if it is brand new it cost P15,000.00. So, I made an ukay-ukay (select) and was able to select 3 shorts for P75.00, these are still good, they store watch ask me to have them wash before using as these are dusty and unwashed. During my ukay-ukay, here is a lady who entertained me named Riza, she is maculit that she was able to convince me to buy the 3 shorts, so I bought the 3 shorts. we talk and talk until it rains that I was not able to bet the lotto, and also brown out here, no on-line lotto outlet. This saleslady, her name was Riza, asked me to buy a bed cover, I like the bed cover it cost P180.00, I made some tawad if it is OK at P100.00 yet she refused, so sorry hindi ko na buy ang bed sheets. I went home and proud to show my ukay-ukay shorts to my friends. What am I saying is, for me it is OK to buy ukay-ukay specially if konte lang pera-money. Sayang I missed the lotto tonite, but its OK, next time na lang.
By the way friends, Thank You for your prayers for little girl Carmel, I know God is good and will help Carmel recover early. Me still not able to buy the celfone that I promised to her, wait lang muna sya. till next . . . hear from you friends.. . . Thank you again. . .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

try again betting the lotto 6/45 for a purpose

Dear friends,
Today 21st of January, me try again betting the lotto 6/45 my numbers are 10-17-28-34-41-42. Because I know na mananalo ako, I will help that girl-Carmel who met an accident that I wrote last week, I promise her a celfone. I share this number because this might be the winning number tonite and you friends mightl also win. That girl Carmel, umuwi na po sa kanila sa South Cotabato, but me not able to give her the celfone, kaya wait lang muna cya. Some of my friends also gave her some toys, clothes, shoes, etc. but she prefer celfone.
On the otherhand, thank you for following-up my blog, and if you have some problems, personal or official, please share to me, am willing to partake my ideas, just log on and Ill be there. Just here muna. Me not able to update my blog because no internet for 2 days here. Bye,bye. . friends.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

making people happy

Dear Friends,
Last week, a friend teacher went to the me sharing his problem with a government agency in particular with his housing loan. He has 3 months unremitted loan repayments per record, which was penalty totalling more than P30,000.00. He remembered that his payroll was continously deducted with his monthly repayments. The unremitted amount happened in 1996, and he was billed today, the bookkeeper remembered that the amount was remitted to the concerned government agency. He consulted many friends in the accounting section, but cannot give the best advice about it/ and documents for reasons that transactions happened long time ago. I advised him to see the Office of the Auditor regarding that financial records, because the Auditor may have the file. He followed my advised, and he came back happy because he was able to get the documents he need. The Auditor is very helpful. He would like to say "Thank You" to the Auditor. He is grateful to the Auditors help, he said. My advised was right. My friend, I was able to help in my little way, and made him happy. The Bible said: Ask and thou shall be answered , seek and thou shall find.. . . Thank you friend.. .til next

Monday, January 19, 2009

drinking with friends

Today is Monday, I did not report for work,because am not feelling well early in the morning. However, after taking medicine, i felt fine, so I did some relaxing at home. Around 9:00am I felt ok so I did some home work, like repairing the bed room and bath room. After that, my friend did a visit, so i invited him to a drink. We took wine. she said of a bottle of beer, but I refused because of the doctors advice to do away with beer in the meantime. We took brandy, now while writing this blog, am still drunk, but cant help but to be with you. Sorry friends. . .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joan my daughter has good grades

Today, Sunday the grades of my daughter Joan was released, her mother took time in attending the meeting to get the report cards. It is very interesting, she has good grades. No grade below 85, am very proud of her. I promised if she will be one of the honor students, I will buy her Ice Cream and cake. Joan also is a good cook, she cooks better than me, I like her style. I hope Joan will be someday a chef.

Sorry for the short story, ha, my friends reader till next time. . . I will continue my story about the child who needs help/prayer.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Have a nice week end.

Today is Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday, means no office work. I will spend my week end with family, or visit the doctor, i havent read yet the result of my medical exams, I hope its OK. I also have to oversee the repair/construction of my small house which started last new year. We also have been planning to go the beach with my kids and in-laws, I hope tuloy na this time. This afternoon mopatad nasad ko sa lotto, I hope makahabol pa. Do you bet the lotto? Friend, patad ta para makaswerte, try our luck. You know my office is far from home around 120 kms. but it is OK, I have to go home every week ends. Alam mo mahirap ang buhay kaya tyaga na lang kahit far from family. I hope to hear from you also my friend bloggers. til next. . . bye,bye, hapi week ends. My numbers in 4d is 9119, 1199.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Child needs help

Dear Reader/Friend:

Hello! Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it very much. Early today I realized that after we had a get together party last christmas, this little child named CARMEL needs prayer and help. She was a victim of car accident when she was 8 years old while going to school. Please allow me to share her story:
"Carmel was going to school that early morning, while walking along the side of the road she was accidentally hit by a speeding car, she was unconcious. She was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance with her parents. Unluckily, the ambulance met also an accident, it bump to a running single motorcycle with two passenger. The motorcycle passenger was instantly killed. The ambulance turned turtle, all the passenger were hurt, suffered broken bones and bruises, but none was killed. A passing truck made a rescue until they reach the hospital. Urgent /fast medications actions were applied to them. Carmel suffered so much because of that double injury. She was unconcious for almost a month in the hospital. All the parents savings were used for medication. Because of that accident, Carmel suffered a head injury that affected her brain, according to the doctor, it needs time to recover. The father is laborer/tricycle driver.

Now CARMEL is 15 years old, her attitude or self is of a 6 years old child. She cannot talk well, she eats so much, she plays so much with other children. I almost cried when she asked me for a christmas gift a "celfone" she gets envy to other children who have celfone as a toy. I will try to give her that celfone. I believed giving what she needs would help her for her past recovery. I am asking your kind heart to share your time in "PRAYER". Thank you so much
dear friend for your prayer, May God reward you many folds. Until next, please. . . .

getting to know your doctor, the better

The other day, I posted in this blog that I have to see the doctor to have that executive check-up. The doctor asked me why I have to undergo that test, I just told him that that was my plan considering my age and she said that is a good idea. So, the doctor administer the first session, the heart examination, they called 2-d-echo, an instrument connected to a computer being pasted in my skin and the a thing being rolled to my breast near to my heart, and the pumping of my heart is seen in the monitor, and thats it, they make recording analysis. I asked them, am I ok? Am not so familiar with the terminology that the doctors are saying. Then I proceeded to the ECG room, again a doctor had to use a computer, paste or clip something in my body, one near my heart and then after some checking , then thats it, she said your OK. She told me to come back the next day early with the instruction not to eat/drink anything from 12 midnight until the examination is finished.

The following day, at 6:00am I arrived at the clininc, I was thinking that I am the first client that day, but no, I am No. 50 patient, after some waiting hours, I was examined by the doctor using that USD/ultra sound, the doctor examined my stomach, gallbladder, kidney, etc. you can see the inside of your stomach in the monitor. The examination lasted around 30 minutes, then the doctor said finished. Then, I was told to wait for sometime for blood examination. Then, the painful time came. Blood was taken from my arm, I am not used to it, it hurts, but is ok. This time i was very hungry na. After the blood extraction, I was able to eat my breakfast. That was the last examination I undergone. Today, my wife will pick-up the result and will have it read/analyse by a doctor. I have to see my doctor. But I didnt have a doctor yet, getting to know your doctor, the better. Next time I will post the result of my examinations, thank you see you/hear you soon. This is my celfone, 09204735133

Monday, January 5, 2009

going to a clinic for medical check-up

This morning I went to a clinic to have my executive check-up which have been scheduled in 2008 but failed to see a doctor. The Clinic was also having a holidays since December 25 to January 2, 2008. I have been advised by the school nurse to see a doctor because of my consistent 90/130 blood pressure. So the plan materialized this morning. I did have ECG, heart check-up etc. and tomorrow early will be another type of examinations. I hope all will be fine. I will post again the result tomorrow for your info dear reader. thank you.