Wednesday, January 21, 2009

try again betting the lotto 6/45 for a purpose

Dear friends,
Today 21st of January, me try again betting the lotto 6/45 my numbers are 10-17-28-34-41-42. Because I know na mananalo ako, I will help that girl-Carmel who met an accident that I wrote last week, I promise her a celfone. I share this number because this might be the winning number tonite and you friends mightl also win. That girl Carmel, umuwi na po sa kanila sa South Cotabato, but me not able to give her the celfone, kaya wait lang muna cya. Some of my friends also gave her some toys, clothes, shoes, etc. but she prefer celfone.
On the otherhand, thank you for following-up my blog, and if you have some problems, personal or official, please share to me, am willing to partake my ideas, just log on and Ill be there. Just here muna. Me not able to update my blog because no internet for 2 days here. Bye,bye. . friends.

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Lily said...

Wow! congrats daan ha,hopefully you win the lotto. I just added ur link in my friends list. thanks for dropping by and adding me in your list.

Take care and have a great week.