Wednesday, January 7, 2009

getting to know your doctor, the better

The other day, I posted in this blog that I have to see the doctor to have that executive check-up. The doctor asked me why I have to undergo that test, I just told him that that was my plan considering my age and she said that is a good idea. So, the doctor administer the first session, the heart examination, they called 2-d-echo, an instrument connected to a computer being pasted in my skin and the a thing being rolled to my breast near to my heart, and the pumping of my heart is seen in the monitor, and thats it, they make recording analysis. I asked them, am I ok? Am not so familiar with the terminology that the doctors are saying. Then I proceeded to the ECG room, again a doctor had to use a computer, paste or clip something in my body, one near my heart and then after some checking , then thats it, she said your OK. She told me to come back the next day early with the instruction not to eat/drink anything from 12 midnight until the examination is finished.

The following day, at 6:00am I arrived at the clininc, I was thinking that I am the first client that day, but no, I am No. 50 patient, after some waiting hours, I was examined by the doctor using that USD/ultra sound, the doctor examined my stomach, gallbladder, kidney, etc. you can see the inside of your stomach in the monitor. The examination lasted around 30 minutes, then the doctor said finished. Then, I was told to wait for sometime for blood examination. Then, the painful time came. Blood was taken from my arm, I am not used to it, it hurts, but is ok. This time i was very hungry na. After the blood extraction, I was able to eat my breakfast. That was the last examination I undergone. Today, my wife will pick-up the result and will have it read/analyse by a doctor. I have to see my doctor. But I didnt have a doctor yet, getting to know your doctor, the better. Next time I will post the result of my examinations, thank you see you/hear you soon. This is my celfone, 09204735133


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