Monday, April 20, 2009

riding habal-habal (3)

Miss you for quite sometime, not being able to write in this blog. Let me continue my story about my travel riding habal-habal. The last time i wrote was we reached our destination at Pongpong ES, we stayed for the night, after we had inspected the school building, there was that enjoyment with the school officials and the barangay officials. They prepared roasted native chicken, sinabaw and adobo, how nice eating with the people in the barangays with on the "lamparilla" small gas lamp used to light our food and us. After eating we had some chikachika with the school officials, and the people there, they spoke to us there plans for their barangay. One of them, offered to donate a portion of their lot for school site for high school, which we advised them to make it past. We talked also about peace and order in their place and they assured the team of our safety. We were able to consumed 3 Junior Lapad. Being tired of walking we easily fall asleep, me not being able to dry may hair. That was a very cold night considering the forest cover near the place. The following morning, I woke-up early and took pictures of the school building and the surroundings, talk to the people residing there, inquire from them regarding the building and they said it was OK. After breakfast of the same food, chicken adobo, we packed some rice and adobo for our lunch. At arround 7:00am we again started walking back to New Bataan eager to reach back home, passing thru the same terrain, climbing mountains ans slopes. While walking along the grassy path, we meet some barangay officials of another barangay, they were bringing "surit-surit" a single shot gun, they said for "baboy ihalas" wild bore. We did just continue walking, taking to each other, making jokes, etc. at around 4 pm we reach our distination the 2nd camarin. Again the "Habal-habal was waiting for us to fetch us to the poblacion. That was tiring experience but enjoyable.