Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Text Joke 1

Doctor to Mental Patient: Maayo kay gi salvar nimo imo kauban nga nalumos sa pool
pero sayang kay nagbigti sa CR.

Patient: Wala doc. uy, ako to siya gibitay para mauga. Joke lang.....


French foreign minister(FM) visited Phil., the chief executive (CE) toured him in Manila,

FM: I see lot of people urinating in the streets, in France we put them in jail.
CE : was embarrased.

During CE visit in France she was toured by the same minister, as they pass along arch
de triomphe...

CE: U see that? Some one is urinating at the arc! You said you send them to jail?
FM: That one is exempted he's the Philippine Ambassador! Joke lang... Pinoy pud ko uy.
lesson: They should provide CR on parks and roads, like the Phils.

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