Tuesday, November 3, 2009

politics: keeps on changing

Since the first election that i was able to vote in the late 1970's, i observed that philippine politics onwards keeps on changing, not only the election code but also political party's. I don't know why, i believed, it is because filipinos are very dynamic, and changeable, that attitude of changing partners. Forget the political party, members are non-winnable, find some one from other parties who are better to be my partner, our politicians, why not stick to one, why not to die-hard on his party. This is our style Filipinos. not united? Why we cannot have that two party system. No, our group is more superior, we have the money, the machinery, and we are better, We boast of our capabilities, I hope the future change . . . We must first change ourselves. . . sana. . . this coming election, forget personal interests and think of service. . for our children and children's children.


fireomen said...

I agree with you. masyado na tayong nasanay sa maruming politika in our country. But I think it's not yet too late to change all this. just be wise in choosing your next president.
Noynoy Aquino

Average Joe said...

politics is always changing not only as a system but also the people representing us - the politicians. Let me put this way. No matter how sophisticated and complex governing system we come up with, it is only as good as the people enforcing it or politicians are the weakest link.